Different Laying Patterns Using Cheap Quartz Tiles On The Floors

Cheap Quartz Tiles are made with 95% quartz. Due to the higher ratio of quartz, they offer stronger surface, wear and tear, moisture and stain resistance. Cheap Tiles are synthetic ones manufactured from modified materials.

Here are a few different and creative laying patterns using these on the Floor

Multicolored Tile Patterns- to bring more glossiness and traditional look lay black and white tiles in a chessboard pattern. However, you can carry out this pattern using other colors of quartz tile, but use solid-colored ones instead of same colored stones with gentle swirls in them. Lay rectangular ones in rows to get good finish or lay them twisted and slanting as diamonds. Each direction gives uniqueness and a different look the floor.

Predominate and secondary color- lay the floor in a predominate color of Quartz Tiles and scatter secondary color tiles throughout the floor either at regular or irregular intervals. A two-color pattern can also use two different tile sizes, with the secondary color as smaller, inserted tiles at the corners.

Cheap Quartz Tiles

Multi sided Tile Patterns- lay larger size tile throughout the area and use small-sized ones in corners and edges.  Use them in a twisted or rotated state, where the corners needs a smaller square part, or turn the tile to make a diamond to fill the missing one. For diamond, try different color.

Interlocking design- use two or more colored ones like a piece of puzzle. This type of laying pattern incorporates two similar tiles of square or rectangular shapes.  Try placing one large tile surrounded by 4 small-sized tiles. Similarly, try doing in opposite style.

Changing the degree- one easy and creative way of doing your own design is to lay them at a degree. Most people use a standard grid pattern. This is easily achieved by tilting them by forty-five degrees or 135 degrees with two contrasting colors.

Change the size- another creative way to design your floor is to lay larger black tiles surrounded by small white Quart stone. Or use two alternate color stones either in row or column direction.

Changing the Pattern-  Use different colors and sizes of tiles to create more uniqueness and style on the floor. Lay tiles in different layouts and colors and patterns or Change the pattern to two tiles and lay the last two tiles in row or column. Use larger ones in middle while smaller size for areas near doorway and borders.

Cheap quartz tiles are available online and you can get good deals when you buy in bulk.

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